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The Barn is the perfect DIY Wedding Venue

The Barn of Emory is a charming rustic DIY wedding venue in East Texas. This cozy piece of Emory Texas is approximately 1 ½ hours east of Dallas owned by Kathleen and Joseph Uyvari. They love sharing their piece of Rustic charm with YOU.

The Barn of Emory allows brides access to the venue all day long. With 15 hours, couples will be able to set up, get dressed, say I Do, party, and clean up. Couples will have access to closets to store boxes for ease of clean up at the end of the night. East Texas couples are allowed to DIY all aspects of their Big Day or hire pros of their choice. With our open vendor policy, couples can choose who is the right fit for their needs. Our budget friendly venue includes tables, chairs, white linens and up lighting of your choice. It will be ready for you to hit the ground running with pre designed layout ready for you upon your arrival.

Did you know the Barn of Emory pays for your security and reimburses you for your wedding insurance? We know that you want to save where you can and we want to help. The prep kitchen is perfect for DIY catering or outside caterers to keep food warm until it’s time to serve.

The Barn of Emory gives you the best bang for your buck. The Barn has hooks, set on the balcony backdrop frame for you to use to decorate with at the altar or on the stage…. Or why not both!

All hands on deck to set up. When you are deciding how much to DIY and how much to hire out. A few things to think about.

  • · Did you book enough time at your venue to set up before getting dressed or will you need volunteers to help or hire a Day of Decorator?

  • · Are you organized? You will need to make sure you pack your décor in a way that allows for those helping to set up quickly and easily.

  • · Will you need to rent a trailer to get everything there from one place and returned home to one place? YES DO THIS!! Do not put items in different cars coming from different places because items will get lost, forgotten, and may never make it to the venue or back home.

  • · Have a plan to pack, a plan to set up, a plan to clean up, and plan to get everything home! Plan- plan- plan!

  • · Is a Day of Decorator worth it….. YES!!! Pros are there to help you bring YOUR vision to life quickly and efficiently while family or friends may change things on a whim because Aunt Susie thought it would look better a different way. There is always one.

  • · Will your Day of Coordinator set up….. not if it’s not in their contact.. They may need to bring in extra staff depending on how much you are requiring of them. If it’s just final touches, they may help, but if it is installing arch floral, linens, complete set up…. No that will be an additional charge.

  • · Does your venue have a coordinator included…. Ask if they are really just the venue liaison that is only there to show you where the light switch is and make sure you do not damage the venue or are they a hands on… help YOU with set up, telling vendors where to go and where to set up…. There is a difference so make sure you ask and know what exactly you are getting. The Barn has an Event Day Venue Coordinator that will help upload, but full set up duties are the responsibility of the client. We can offer vendors to assist with set up services upon request.

When you are looking for affordable, rustic, East Texas DIY wedding venue in Emory Texas….. we have got you at the Barn of Emory. Request a tour at 903-485-8222 or email us at


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